Change is Contagious

One life transformed can result in many lives that are changed for the better. At ICI we know this is true because we’ve seen it happen: when you impact a kid, you impact a family and a community. And if you do it enough times, you have the opportunity to impact the world.

Ishynae’s Story

Before Christ, I had a lot of grudges and felt like everything had to be perfect. I tried to control a lot of things. Now I can leave things in God’s hands. When I am worried, I know I can trust God. I’m not angry anymore.

Byonca’s Story

December 30, 2019

Throughout my whole high school experience, I felt like I needed to change. After we got back from my last high school camping trip I was thinking about what the leaders had said. I decided to pray and give my life to Christ.

Chris’ Story

July 22, 2019

Chris shares how his life was changed growing up in Humboldt Park and coming to Inner City Impact's youth programs.

Carlos’ Story

July 22, 2019

Carlos Borges shares his testimony about how the staff at Inner City Impact influenced his life when he was a kid, and how he now reaches out to his community because of what Christ has done in his life!

Alejandra’s Story

July 22, 2019

Alejandra's life was changed as ICI helped her redefine her understanding of love and her own self-worth, learning that God loves her unconditionally.

Letter from an Alumnus

July 22, 2019

Till this day I miss ICI so much.

Precious’ Story

September 18, 2018

"This summer at Inner City Impact was not what I expected at all, and I praise God for it!"

Oscar’s Story

September 18, 2018

ICI was a refuge for Oscar as he grew up. ICI staff modeled healthy relationships and plugged him into a local church. Now he is investing back into the lives of those who grew up in similar challenging circumstances.

Ramiro’s Story

December 1, 2017

Sophomore year is when the teaching at ICI really got to me and I gave my life to Christ and changed the path I was on.

Juanita’s Story

September 1, 2017

Juanita grew up in the Logan Square/Humboldt Park area of Chicago. A busy and active part of the city, she says her neighborhood was known for a “lot of violence, brokenness, and dysfunction. As a little girl I saw the gang bangers, the prostitutes. It was a very dark environment.” The brokenness was also a part of Juanita’s life at home. With both parents suffering from mental health issues and unable to care for her, she was adopted and raised by her great-grandparents, already in their 60s.

Mia’s Story

September 1, 2017

Already familiar with ICI’s programs because of her older sister, Mia couldn’t wait to start attending them herself. With both parents working, and a younger brother to take care of, Mia needed a safe, family-like environment, where she could be free to be a kid.

Ricky’s Story

September 1, 2017

Aside from a single memory Ricky has of he and his dad playing at the park, he doesn’t remember his father at all. That’s because when Ricky was still a very small boy his father chose a life on the streets rather than a life at home taking care of his family. Even now as an adult, the only thing Ricky really knows about his father is that at some point he was incarcerated.

Camp Story

September 1, 2017

When you work or volunteer with ICI, you have to be ready to discuss just about any topic—you never know what the kids are going to ask! But what’s always true is that kids are really curious about spiritual things and will impress you with some deep and insightful questions and observations.

Gerald’s Story

November 16, 2016

Gerald Jones, known as “Frog” to his friends, has been involved with ICI for as long as anyone can remember. The oldest of eight kids, he started attending the Humboldt Park programs when he was just ten years old:

Joseph’s Story

August 3, 2016

By age 12, Joseph Martinez was the primary caregiver for his family. Substance abuse by family members and a lack of social support left him alone, lost, and confused. ICI provided support when there was no one else and it changed his life forever.

Dan’s Story

June 17, 2014

Humboldt Park, a predominantly Puerto Rican community, is a neighborhood on the west-side of Chicago notorious for its crime, gang activity, drug trafficking, and violence. An economically depressed area, the neighborhood reports incomes and housing values far below the citywide average. It’s poor, it’s rough, it’s dangerous, and it’s often in the news. It’s also where Dan Kurtz grew up.